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  • Download and Play Chloe

    Chloe's Dream Resort

    Help Chloe fix up the Dream Land Resorts in this charming Time Management game.

  • Download and Play Tropical Fish Shop 2

    Tropical Fish Shop 2

    Dive into an ocean of Match 3 fun as you help Annabel and Harold move into a spacious new building and open up the best fish shop in town!

  • Download and Play Jewelleria


    Design and sell your own exclusive jewelry and start your way to success and make dreams come true.

  • Download and Play Leeloo

    Leeloo's Talent Agency

    Help Leeloo's make it big in Hollywood as a Talent Agent by running a Talent Agency catering to a string of aspiring actors with stars in their eyes!

  • Download and Play Believe in Santa

    Believe in Santa

    Help Sandy save her grannys toy shop, one holiday gift at a time! Two cheerful elves are along for the ride, decorating toys for all the shops choosiest customers.

  • Download and Play Anna

    Anna's Ice Cream

    Create an ice cream paradise and challenge your entrepreneurial skills in this charming and fast paced game.

  • Download and Play The Fifth Gate

    The Fifth Gate

    Enter a fantasy world with fast-paced fun, magical gardens and potions!

  • Download and Play Success Story

    Success Story

    Keep the line moving! Slap together burgers for hungry customers, select the ultimate ingredients, and build your business until its the tastiest in town.

  • Download and Play Alice

    Alice's Tea Cup Madness

    After falling down the rabbit's hole, Alice has decided to earn money for her trip across the Field of Flowers and back home by opening a Tea House that's a little, well, mad!

  • Download and Play Daycare Nightmare Mini-Monsters

    Daycare Nightmare Mini-Monsters

    Keep your daycare from becoming a nightmare.

  • Download and Play Antique Shop

    Antique Shop

    Travel around the world in search of rare artifacts to populate and improve your store in this Time Management meets Hidden Object game.

  • Download and Play Vacation Mogul

    Vacation Mogul

    Build a real estate empire in a game where the tourism business has never been easier or more fun!