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  • Download and Play Stoneloops! Of Jurassica

    Stoneloops! Of Jurassica

    Visit the age of reptiles on a quest to match rolling rocks.

  • Download and Play Hidato Adventures

    Hidato Adventures

    Quest to find and solve ancient Hidato puzzles around the world, earning riches and surprises!

  • Download and Play Emerald Tale

    Emerald Tale

    Guide a furry ball of fun through a magical land of dragons, princesses, and mystery in this brain-bending adventure.

  • Download and Play Pirate Stories: Kit and Ellis

    Pirate Stories: Kit and Ellis

    Discover the fates of the captain Kit and the waitress Ellis in this exciting match-3 adventure.

  • Download and Play Dragon Portals

    Dragon Portals

    Soar high above the beautiful land of Dragonia and help Mila save the dragons in this innovative Match Three game.

  • Download and Play Art Stories

    Art Stories

    Art Stories combines Match 3 action with special quests to give a refreshing makeover to a popular style of gameplay.

  • Download and Play Gearz


    Gearz is an action puzzler like no other.

  • Download and Play Akhra: The Treasures

    Akhra: The Treasures

    Go on a journey into the fantastic world of Akhra and find all the parts of the lost map that leads to fantastic treasures!

  • Download and Play Traffic Jam Extreme

    Traffic Jam Extreme

    The goal is to untangle the vehicles in the lot and restore order to the streets of Stresstropolis. Finish all the levels, make the citizens happy and convert Stresstropolis to a traffic-free city.

  • Download and Play Dr Despicable

    Dr Despicable's Dastardly Deeds

    Make the world a better place, one dastardly deed at a time!

  • Download and Play The Enchanted Kingdom - Elisa

    The Enchanted Kingdom - Elisa's Adventures

    Join Elisa on a quest to find the Royal Ruby to bring peace and prosperity to the enchanted kingdom of Arroyo!

  • Download and Play Vesuvia


    Only you hold the key to escape. Join other captives in their quest for freedom as you reveal the evil secrets possessing this puzzling paradise