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  • Download and Play Ancient Mosaic

    Ancient Mosaic

    A beautifully rendered puzzle inlay game with three play modes set in ancient worlds.

  • Download and Play Aquitania


    Once upon a time there was a place called Aquitania... A magic land of beautiful blue lakes green fields and thick forests, inhabited with fabulous elves, gnomes and other fairy creatures.

  • Download and Play Apple Pie

    Apple Pie

    Make matches to make money and move your restaurant on to fancier digs as you make a name for yourself in the eatery biz.

  • Download and Play Strimko


    Strimko is a Sudoku-style logic game that challenges players to save a planet by collecting amulets locked inside chests.

  • Download and Play Trinklit Supereme

    Trinklit Supereme

    Are you ready for something completely different and fun?

  • Download and Play Wizard

    Wizard's Hat

    Clean up the Magic Glades using your amazing Match Three abilities and a magical Wizard's Hat!

  • Download and Play Starcrossed


    The goddess Ione needs your help to save her friends and rebuild the cosmos!

  • Download and Play Deep Voyage

    Deep Voyage

    Complete 200 increasingly challenging underwater levels of addictive match-3 fun!

  • Download and Play Glyph 2

    Glyph 2

    Save the beautiful planet by uncovering the ancient Glyph Energy buried deep below the surface.

  • Download and Play Bistro Stars

    Bistro Stars

    Match food items to fee a pareade of customers before time runs out, clear all food groups to move to the next level.

  • Download and Play Lumen


    This puzzle starts in Egypt where you must reflect the beam of light around the board, using mirrors and mystical techniques. Unlock doors and recharge batteries to make your light stronger.

  • Download and Play Twisty Tracks

    Twisty Tracks

    Guide your treasure collecting train across the Realm of D'roso to recover scattered treasures.