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  • Download and Play The Legend of El Dorado

    The Legend of El Dorado

    Join an adventurous search for legendary gold and discover hours of fun!

  • Download and Play Rainbow Mystery

    Rainbow Mystery

    With stunning graphics, amazing animations, and 3 game modes, Rainbow Mystery is bursting with Match 3 fun!

  • Download and Play Fruit Lockers

    Fruit Lockers

    Double your fun with Fruit Lockers, an exciting twist on the popular Match 3 puzzler!

  • Download and Play Clayside


    Solve puzzles through the city of Clayside to build the house of your dreams.

  • Download and Play D.N.A


    Dr. Rose Thompson, biologist, needs your assistance with her experiments. She is working to create and preserve new species of flowers. Watch out for viruses that will contaminate her experiment!

  • Download and Play Glyph


    Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs in this epic puzzle adventure

  • Download and Play Jewel Charm

    Jewel Charm

    A Princess's dream of a fairytale wedding is dashed when a fearsome dragon steals the crown jewels on the eve of her wedding! Scattered across the kingdom, it's your job to restore the jewels and save the day.

  • Download and Play A Dwarf

    A Dwarf's Story

    Summon all your Match 3 skills to help a village of dwarves reclaim their dream pendulum!

  • Download and Play Lost Treasures of El Dorado

    Lost Treasures of El Dorado

    Caribbean Riddle takes you to the gorgeous underwater world. Help our hero discover that true love wins over everything!

  • Download and Play Angkor


    For hundreds of years, the lands of Angkor have been suffering from an evil curse. Can you find the pieces of the Amulet of Angkor and break the old curse?

  • Download and Play Magic Shop

    Magic Shop

    Magic Shop will charm you from the moment you begin playing!