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  • Download and Play Fairy Jewels

    Fairy Jewels

    Take aim against evil and rescue the fairies!

  • Download and Play Elements


    Beneath a humble cottage in Venice, researchers have discovered a studio that belonged to Luca Pacioli, a friend of Leonardo Da Vinci.

  • Download and Play Enchanted Cavern

    Enchanted Cavern

    Play five brilliant episodes and 47 enticing levels. Activate bonus items and ignite their special powers in this Match 3 dazzler.

  • Download and Play Arctic Quest 2

    Arctic Quest 2

    Solve your way through 100 exciting inlay puzzles with the help of elemental powers in Arctic Quest 2, the sequel of Arctic Quest, a highly popular puzzle game.

  • Download and Play Zenerchi


    A classic match-3 game with a peaceful twist.

  • Download and Play Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah

    Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah

    Restore the ruined temples in an ancient tournament of divine puzzles.

  • Download and Play Flower Paradise

    Flower Paradise

    Turn a patch of dirt into your own beautiful garden with the help of flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, and statues!

  • Download and Play Secrets of the Seas

    Secrets of the Seas

    Match ancient relics to unlock more puzzling levels.

  • Download and Play Love

    Love's Power Mahjong

    Test your skills in an exciting new mahjong adventure

  • Download and Play Age of Atlantis

    Age of Atlantis

    Jane and Billy's father has gone missing on an expedition to find the legendary list city of Atlantis and they need your help to help find him!

  • Download and Play Age of Japan 2

    Age of Japan 2

    Use your Match 3 skills to guide a young Japanese emperor as he attempts to save his country.