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  • Download and Play Gem Shop

    Gem Shop

    Match colorful gems and keep your jewelry customers happy. Customize your shop to increase sales.

  • Download and Play World Mosaics 4

    World Mosaics 4

    Travel back in time and solve pictographic puzzles to restore lost artifacts to the Atlantis World Museum in this popular puzzle game.

  • Download and Play Sudoku Quest

    Sudoku Quest

    Sudoku is a brain-bendingly addictive puzzle game

  • Download and Play Mahjongg Master Egyptian

    Mahjongg Master Egyptian

    Like many other mahjongg games, this time game requires that you match like pieces but adds some twists.

  • Download and Play Rainbow Web 2

    Rainbow Web 2

    The Royal Palace of the Rainbow Kingdom is still in the grip of Spider and must be freed.

  • Download and Play ZenGems


    Master ColorBursts, EnergyBalls, PusherBalls and more in an exciting Adventure across 13 mystical worlds in a thoroughly entertaining Match 3 game!

  • Download and Play Wizard Land

    Wizard Land

    Join a wizard on a quest to save a wondrous world of magic!

  • Download and Play Penguin Puzzle

    Penguin Puzzle

    Save the penguins and pals in this fun puzzle game.

  • Download and Play Arctic Quest

    Arctic Quest

    Solve 60 animal and tropical puzzles. Reach and beat the Snow King in the final duel.

  • Download and Play World Mosaics 2

    World Mosaics 2

    Play through 98 challenging puzzles in the Story Mode and then tackle another 152 Extra Puzzles!

  • Download and Play Kakuro Master

    Kakuro Master

    If you like Sudoku then you will love Kakuro Master.

  • Download and Play 10 Talismans

    10 Talismans

    Collect 10 Talismans said to bring wisdom, power, and fortune in this beautiful Match 3 game set to stunning oriental vistas and classic Asian melodies.