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  • Download and Play Heroes of Kaleva

    Heroes of Kaleva

    Choose your favorite hero and lead your tribe towards a bright new future in the lands of Kalevala, en epic Match-3 puzzler!

  • Download and Play Treasures of the Serengeti

    Treasures of the Serengeti

    Embark on a unique musical quest where match-3 ; jigsaw collide!

  • Download and Play Crop Busters

    Crop Busters

    Slip on your overalls and bring in a harvest of fun in Crop Busters, a rousing Match 3 adventure for the farmer in everyone!

  • Download and Play Fresco Wizard

    Fresco Wizard

    Complete the patterns with mysterious gems, break the spell, and save the kingdom. Stunning 3D graphics, absorbing gameplay, and tons of challenges make this game so much fun.

  • Download and Play Bunny Bounce Deluxe

    Bunny Bounce Deluxe

    Align same-colored cute bunnies to make them disappear off the board, making room for more cute bunnies to appear in this cute, addictive and challenging Match-3 puzzle game.

  • Download and Play Spring Bonus

    Spring Bonus

    Spring is in the air! Journey through the beautiful Spring countryside with the Easter Bunny in this adorable Match 3 game.

  • Download and Play Laby


    Visit a magic laboratory to solve the mystery of the Philosopher's Stone.

  • Download and Play Cubetastic


    Guide colorful cubes to their goal in this challenging 3D puzzler.

  • Download and Play Pastry Passion

    Pastry Passion

    Learn the sweet ways of culinary arts and arrange delicious ingredients into groups of three or more to make colorful confections and rise to the rank of Master Pastry Chef.