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  • Download and Play In Search of the Lost Temple

    In Search of the Lost Temple

    Join young archeologist Anna on a quest to a lost temple to retrieve a cure for her grandfather before he succumbs to an evil spell.

  • Download and Play Biggest Little Adventure

    Biggest Little Adventure

    See the world through a different perspective in an epic journey of tiny proportions to find a cure to a mystical shrinking potion!

  • Download and Play Behind the Reflection

    Behind the Reflection

    Help a mother rescue her son from the parallel world inside a mirror.

  • Download and Play Royal Trouble

    Royal Trouble

    Help a prince and princess with relationship issues work together to escape captivity! NOTE: Not supported on Windows XP.

  • Download and Play Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship

    Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship

    Assume the role of Edwina Margrave and uncover the dark secret of your Grandfather's spooky treasure ship - the Aurora Dusk.

  • Download and Play Emerald City Confidential

    Emerald City Confidential

    Explore the underbelly of Oz as Emerald Citys most cunning detective.

  • Download and Play Mystery Cookbook

    Mystery Cookbook

    A delightful hidden object challenge for gamers with good taste.

  • Download and Play Secrets of great Art

    Secrets of great Art

    Help amnesia stricken Alex Johnson recover his lost memory and solve the mystery hidden within a series of antique paintings in this hidden object masterpiece!

  • Download and Play Lost Lagoon - The Trail of Destiny

    Lost Lagoon - The Trail of Destiny

    After crashing on a mysterious island, you have no idea who you are or what you're doing there. Use an old map to investigate the island, find lots of hidden objects and solve the mystery that will get you back home!

  • Download and Play Mystery of Unicorn Castle

    Mystery of Unicorn Castle

    Hunt for hidden clues and objects as you unravel the secrets of the Morian legacy, and discover the secrets of this ancient manor house.

  • Download and Play Escape from Frankenstein

    Escape from Frankenstein's Castle

    How would you feel if you woke up in an eerie castle and couldn't remember how you got there? Well Hannah doesn't particularly like it either. Can you help her find her way out in this eerie hidden object adventure thriller?

  • Download and Play Sprill - The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

    Sprill - The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

    More than a few stories start out with the words, It was a sunny day in the Bermuda Triangle