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  • Download and Play Blake and Mortimer - The Curse of the Thirty

    Blake and Mortimer - The Curse of the Thirty

    Help Blake and Mortimer find a missing artifact before more blood is shed.

  • Download and Play Women

    Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet

    Take on three different crime-fighting roles to solve a series of ghastly murders in San Francisco.

  • Download and Play Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes

    Sunset Studio - Behind the Scenes

    Roll the cameras on some of the biggest blockbusters in a first-of-its-kind 3D experience with your favorite movies!

  • Download and Play Oddly Enough Pied Piper

    Oddly Enough Pied Piper

    Enjoy an enchanting hidden object adventure that puts a quirky twist on a classic tale.

  • Download and Play Dream Inn- Driftwood

    Dream Inn- Driftwood

    Seaside's top resort has fallen into disrepair. Fix up 16 rooms, the inn, and renew the garden in this inn-spiring.

  • Download and Play Goddess Chronicles

    Goddess Chronicles

    Find and assemble artifacts to become an immortal goddess!

  • Download and Play Vampire Saga - Welcome to Hell

    Vampire Saga - Welcome to Hell

    Explore the streets of an abandoned town while something unnatural stalks you at every turn. To survive, you'll have to search for clues, gather useful items, and solve clever puzzles!

  • Download and Play The Treasures of Mystery Island

    The Treasures of Mystery Island

    Mystics, aliens and ghosts come together in a piping hot adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat.

  • Download and Play The Fool

    The Fool

    Tag along for the incredible adventures of a rustic Fool as he travels to a fascinating world and help him save the beautiful princess Catherine from the jaws of a terrible dragon.

  • Download and Play Nightmare on the Pacific

    Nightmare on the Pacific

    Help the matriarch of the Brooks family whose ship was struck by a vicious hurricane track down the members of her family and escape from the sinking Neptune before it's too late!

  • Download and Play Committed - Mystery at Shady Pines Premium Edition

    Committed - Mystery at Shady Pines Premium Edition

    Find a way to save the patients, stop the psychotic doctor, and escape before it's too late.

  • Download and Play The Tiny Bang Story

    The Tiny Bang Story

    Recover the lost beauty of Tiny Planet in this gorgeous point-and-click Hidden Object adventure!