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  • Download and Play Poker Superstars III

    Poker Superstars III

    Play poker like the superstars!

  • Download and Play Solitaire Kingdom Supreme

    Solitaire Kingdom Supreme

    Looking for a new twist in your Solitaire fun? Well, here is your next daily Solitaire game!

  • Download and Play Monkey Money Slots

    Monkey Money Slots

    A jungle themed slot machine simulation game in which a cheeky monkey grins his way to huge wins!

  • Download and Play Solitaire Cruise

    Solitaire Cruise

    Cross vast oceans, see the world and play solitaire

  • Download and Play Heartwild Solitaire

    Heartwild Solitaire

    Immerse yourself into this unique solitaire-style game full of beauty and adventure

  • Download and Play Slingo Quest

    Slingo Quest

    Are you ready for the next Slingo challenge?

  • Download and Play Five Card Deluxe

    Five Card Deluxe

    If you like solitaire and poker, then you'll love Five Card Deluxe. Juggle four hands of cards at once!

  • Download and Play Slingo Supreme

    Slingo Supreme

    Slingo Supreme, the sequel to Slingo Deluxe, takes the game further with additional power-ups, , new challenges, enhanced graphics, sounds and gameplay that are sure to satisfy both seasoned fans and newbies.

  • Download and Play Super Smasher

    Super Smasher

    Shoot, punch and smash your way through the Super Smasher amusement park!

  • Download and Play Picket Fences

    Picket Fences

    Use a bit of strategy and lots of luck to compete against 3 feisty neighbors in a race to claim the best house on the block!

  • Download and Play Heartwild Solitaire - Book Two

    Heartwild Solitaire - Book Two

    Immerse yourself in Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two, a classic solitaire-style adventure featuring 280 challenging levels.

  • Download and Play 5 Realms of Cards

    5 Realms of Cards

    5 Realms of Cards is solitaire with a never-before-seen twist. 72 pre-rendered beautiful levels, 5 mini games and addictive gameplay make this a fun-filled adventure for the entire family.