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  • Download and Play Text Twist 2

    Text Twist 2

    Twist again with this incredible sequel to one of the most popular word games of all time.

  • Download and Play Trivia Machine

    Trivia Machine

    The game brings you all the fun of a game show and the challenge of more than 7,000 trivia questions in nine categories: movies, science, music, literature, geography, and more!

  • Download and Play Flip Words

    Flip Words

    Click letters to spell words and solve familiar phrases

  • Download and Play Flip Words 2

    Flip Words 2

    Words 2 will keep tons of word fun at your fingertips

  • Download and Play Word Challenge Extreme

    Word Challenge Extreme

    Race against the clock to find as many words as possible in a group of letters. Challenge yourself to find words hidden in a mosaic of letters. Reveal the secret phrase before you are executed.

  • Download and Play Jig Words

    Jig Words

    Click letters to spell words and reveal photos. Create photo packs and share them with your friends and family

  • Download and Play The Great Wall of Words

    The Great Wall of Words

    Link letters and build words in this addictive puzzle game on a quest to save Chine! Find the longest, most unusual words to get huge points.

  • Download and Play The 80s Game With Martha Quinn

    The 80s Game With Martha Quinn

    A fantasically fun trivia trip back to the 80s, hosted by your favorite 80's VJ, Martha Quinn.

  • Download and Play Spellagories


    As a master wordsmith, your mission in Spellagories is to lift an evil sorcerer's curse that has transformed villagers into monsters!

  • Download and Play Sea Bounty

    Sea Bounty

    Build monopolies, charge rent and above all, bring glory to the Queen! Challenge human or computer opponents.

  • Download and Play Jabber


    Help Mr. Rabbit to collect the lost letters, but be careful- some words were bewitched, and their letters can freeze the whole world!

  • Download and Play World Mosaics 5

    World Mosaics 5

    Solve pictographic puzzles to become a Chronologist in this fun and exciting Puzzle game.