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Game Review: Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 How do you improve on one of the most popular word games on the internet? Simple: you keep the original game intact, expand the dictionary, and add a few new alternative games to broaden the experience. That’s exactly what the game designers did with Text Twist 2, which is the follow-up to the wildly popular and addictive Text Twist. In the new and updated version of the game, players can continue the exact same nerve-shredding battle against the clock that made Text Twist so maddening and addictive at the same time. However, for those people who don’t want their word games to raise their pulse and cause them to lose sleep, there are new gameplay options. In addition to the classic timed or un-timed games, there is a “Word of the Day” version, in which there is a new word introduced, and the challenge can only be played once in a day. In lightning mode, players are given five scrambled words and must figure them out before time is up, and in crossword mode, rather than solving riddles to get the words, players must only un-scramble words to fit them into the grid. Purists might not see the improvement, but for those who want a slightly more robust gaming experience will appreciate the new twist that game designers have put on Text Twist. Features include:
  • Improved and updated graphics and sounds.
  • Bigger dictionary – now with 25,000 words.
  • 2 Classic Modes: Timed and Untimed.
  • 3 New Modes: Lightning, Word of the Day, and Crossword.
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Game Review: Jewel Quest 3

Travel the world on an all-new adventure of jewel matching fun! Rupert and Emma are on the verge of realizing their dream to settle down and open a museum. But everything changes when their daughter, Natalie, is infected with mysterious spores while playing with a jewel board. Rupert sets out on a journey around the globe to find a cure for his little girl. You help Rupert on his quest by arranging colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more in 200 levels of perplexing puzzles. During his travels, Rupert receives cryptic messages from someone who claims to hold the cure for Natalie. In the end, Rupert brings the collected artifacts and jewels to the mysterious person who claims to hold the cure. The fun is in figuring out who it will be? Jewel Quest 3 Features:
  • 200 levels in 11 regions
  • Match skills against others in Tournament Mode
  • 30 different jewels
  • Each region plays different from all others
  • 40 unique tournament boards found no where else in the game
  • Visit every continent, while working on specific quests to earn jewels and artifacts, searching for the fabled Golden Jewel Board
  • Uncover hidden jewels, and then use those jewels to complete your quest.
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Game Review: It’s All About Masks

If you fancy yourself a lover of mystery and detective work, It’s All About Masks is a great game for you! Join Mr. Cunning, a British secret agent, in a classic whodunit set in the 19th century. Search for hidden objects throughout each level, hopefully reuniting these important items to their trusted owners. The adventure starts aboard a yacht with your charge, Mr. Milos, who has been entrusted with the top-secret documents. Then the fun starts when the documents go missing and you must search through every room on board. As in every good detective mystery, there is a good amount of finger-pointing and blame-shifting amongst the eccentric characters. It’s your job to sift through the mess and find the important documents. The great thing about It’s All About Masks is that you can search the rooms in different order every time you play—meaning there are almost infinite combinations you can try when you play this game. Just like Clue, it’s someone different every time!
It’s All About Masks also includes mini-games, which are completely different every scene. They vary from jigsaw puzzles to matching and word games. Download It’s All About Masks for FREE now at!

Game Review: Cooking Dash 3

Ever wondered what it was like to run a successful restaurant? Try this simulated version with Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills! In the latest installment with Flo and the gang of DinerToons, you’ll get a taste of the restaurant business by running DinerLand. Flo and Grandma are on a mission to restore DinerLand to its full glory. An extremely addictive time management game, your goal is to maximize profits while serving customers. As your profits rise, you can upgrade the restaurant’s atmosphere and equipment—only increasing the success of DinerLand! Flo does her best to manage the customers, who range from students to impatient businessmen, while you make sure everyone is served in a timely manner.
Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills features 50 levels in story made across 5 different restaurants aside from DinerLand. You can also play in “endless” mode, which easily doubles the playtime. Great add-ons to the game only increase the fun. Download Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills for FREE now at!

Playing Games Can Make You Smarter

Good news for casual game lovers—playing games could actually make you smarter! According to a recent study by the East Carolina University Psychophysiology Lab, casual online games can improve cognitive function in people who play them. The results are based on 6 months of laboratory observations. Consider it mental exercise that improves cognition, or your ability to process thoughts. Cognition primarily affects things like memory, the ability to learn new information, speech, and reading comprehension. Playing certain types of games—matching, puzzle, arcade and word games—can work to improve short-term cognition. Preliminary findings demonstrated visible improvements in short-term cognition among subjects who played casual games for 30 minute periods—an 87% improvement in cognitive response and a 215% increase in executive functioning. While these results are great for gamers, it also suggests that playing casual games could be useful as a medical treatment for cognition, providing mental exercise for the aging and those with dementia-family disorders. Find your next favorite game for FREE download when you visit!