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Game Review: Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 How do you improve on one of the most popular word games on the internet? Simple: you keep the original game intact, expand the dictionary, and add a few new alternative games to broaden the experience. That’s exactly what the game designers did with Text Twist 2, which is the follow-up to the wildly popular and addictive Text Twist. In the new and updated version of the game, players can continue the exact same nerve-shredding battle against the clock that made Text Twist so maddening and addictive at the same time. However, for those people who don’t want their word games to raise their pulse and cause them to lose sleep, there are new gameplay options. In addition to the classic timed or un-timed games, there is a “Word of the Day” version, in which there is a new word introduced, and the challenge can only be played once in a day. In lightning mode, players are given five scrambled words and must figure them out before time is up, and in crossword mode, rather than solving riddles to get the words, players must only un-scramble words to fit them into the grid. Purists might not see the improvement, but for those who want a slightly more robust gaming experience will appreciate the new twist that game designers have put on Text Twist. Features include:
  • Improved and updated graphics and sounds.
  • Bigger dictionary – now with 25,000 words.
  • 2 Classic Modes: Timed and Untimed.
  • 3 New Modes: Lightning, Word of the Day, and Crossword.
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