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Playing Games Can Make You Smarter

Good news for casual game lovers—playing games could actually make you smarter! According to a recent study by the East Carolina University Psychophysiology Lab, casual online games can improve cognitive function in people who play them. The results are based on 6 months of laboratory observations. Consider it mental exercise that improves cognition, or your ability to process thoughts. Cognition primarily affects things like memory, the ability to learn new information, speech, and reading comprehension. Playing certain types of games—matching, puzzle, arcade and word games—can work to improve short-term cognition. Preliminary findings demonstrated visible improvements in short-term cognition among subjects who played casual games for 30 minute periods—an 87% improvement in cognitive response and a 215% increase in executive functioning. While these results are great for gamers, it also suggests that playing casual games could be useful as a medical treatment for cognition, providing mental exercise for the aging and those with dementia-family disorders. Find your next favorite game for FREE download when you visit!

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