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Game Review: Jewel Quest 3

Travel the world on an all-new adventure of jewel matching fun! Rupert and Emma are on the verge of realizing their dream to settle down and open a museum. But everything changes when their daughter, Natalie, is infected with mysterious spores while playing with a jewel board. Rupert sets out on a journey around the globe to find a cure for his little girl. You help Rupert on his quest by arranging colorful game pieces into matching groups of three or more in 200 levels of perplexing puzzles. During his travels, Rupert receives cryptic messages from someone who claims to hold the cure for Natalie. In the end, Rupert brings the collected artifacts and jewels to the mysterious person who claims to hold the cure. The fun is in figuring out who it will be? Jewel Quest 3 Features:
  • 200 levels in 11 regions
  • Match skills against others in Tournament Mode
  • 30 different jewels
  • Each region plays different from all others
  • 40 unique tournament boards found no where else in the game
  • Visit every continent, while working on specific quests to earn jewels and artifacts, searching for the fabled Golden Jewel Board
  • Uncover hidden jewels, and then use those jewels to complete your quest.
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