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Game Review: It’s All About Masks

If you fancy yourself a lover of mystery and detective work, It’s All About Masks is a great game for you! Join Mr. Cunning, a British secret agent, in a classic whodunit set in the 19th century. Search for hidden objects throughout each level, hopefully reuniting these important items to their trusted owners. The adventure starts aboard a yacht with your charge, Mr. Milos, who has been entrusted with the top-secret documents. Then the fun starts when the documents go missing and you must search through every room on board. As in every good detective mystery, there is a good amount of finger-pointing and blame-shifting amongst the eccentric characters. It’s your job to sift through the mess and find the important documents. The great thing about It’s All About Masks is that you can search the rooms in different order every time you play—meaning there are almost infinite combinations you can try when you play this game. Just like Clue, it’s someone different every time!
It’s All About Masks also includes mini-games, which are completely different every scene. They vary from jigsaw puzzles to matching and word games. Download It’s All About Masks for FREE now at!

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